Satisfied Customers

He was great. Nice appearance and very knowledgeable.  More importantly he spoke in a way that i could understand - not computereze. I had 3 computers and he fixed all 3 as well as gave me some good advice about my printer. I hopefully won't need him again but will definitely call him if I do.

Todd S.

This is our feedback to your efficient services for fixing our 2 laptops in Aug.  We are very very satisfied with your rep... He was professional but friendly, punctual with his time, charges modestly.  I won't worry anymore if any of my computers break down, because we trust him to do a good job - indeed he did.

Peter M.

I just wanted to send a little note to say what a great improvement I see in our computer. I am sending emails again and getting excited about going to school and taking some classes online again.

Lloyd & Liz P.

We have relied on Steve for almost a decade to help us computer dummies through major breakdowns and idiotic messes. Twice he has found us affordable rebuilt [computers] when it was no longer feasible to keep an old desktop going. He's also nice to our rambunctious mutts. He is thorough, patient, and surprisingly reasonable.

Joel W.

The convenience of in-home repair is awesome. I've been so thankful to have Steve come to the house or the office and take care of the issues so that I didn't have to unplug everything and bring it somewhere. I've done that in the past, only having to wait multiple days or longer and at considerably higher expenses for the repairs. Steve's company is a great value and I highly recommend his services.

Brad P.

I have used Sacramento Computer Doctor for all of my technology needs for many years. Their services are top notch and they care greatly about all their customers. They are trustworthy to come to my home and be able to work quickly to resolve the issues that pop up for me from time to time.

Fernando M.

He came to my apartment, and checked my computer. He was polite and soft spoken. When he couldn't repair it there, he took it with him. He kept in contact with me, and he was able to repair it after a short length of time.

Shelley J.

I am not a techy person at all, and he is able to explain techy things to me with out talking down to me - a rare and appreciated quality in computer guys. Recently, I again contacted the Computer Dr for an upgrade. Now I have 2 awesome up to date computers running great. Thank you!

Briah M.

Thank you again... I will always tell people how awesome you are and how you know computers and can fix or renovate all the stuff... I've had my computer tuned-up once a year for the past few years (just like my car) and it has stayed fast and clean the whole time.

Mary K.